May 2013       

Goal welcomes our new partner from Columbia, Grupo Grallco

Farrow Group continues strategic plan to grow in U.S. marketplace:
Acquires All Freight International (AFI) of Seattle, WA

Included in this month’s newsletter is a June 6, 2012 press release announcing Farrow Group’s acquisition of All Freight International (“AFI”).  The AFI acquisition was made pursuant to Farrow’s strategy of growing it’s USA organization by acquisition. The press release was overlooked for publication in prior newsletters.  However, the information is still relevant and is an appropriate follow-up to AFI’s introduction at the February, 2013 GOAL Annual Las Vegas meeting.


CBP to Rollout New Arrival/Departure-Record Process for Foreign Visitors

CBP Working to Limit Sequester Impact on California Cargo Delays
Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor | Apr 11, 2013

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection has kept disruptions to a minimum at the Los Angeles and Long Beach seaports and Los Angeles International Airport by working with the trade community to prioritize allocation of resources during this period of sequestration, a top Customs official said yesterday.


So Near and Yet So Far
Jerry Peck | Apr 24, 2013

A recent Forbes article included a quote that caught my eye: “China may soon replace Detroit as the world’s
rust belt.” It was the latest example of a growing number of business media and analysts apparently believing that China’s days as the world’s largest manufacturing nation are numbered.

Export Resources

Food Export Online Product CatalogThis web-based catalog is an effective way to promote your products to international buyers from around the world. By including your products in this virtual directory, buyers will
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New Regulations on Dairy Exports to China

Chinese Decree 152, issued in March 2011, is an overarching food-safety law encompassing dairy product imports and exports. Decree 152 goes into effect for all dairy products shipped after May 1, 2013. The decree outlines requirements for dairy product imports, including a new requirement for certificates of analysis (COA)
on first time shipments.

FDA Food Facility Registration Renewal and Impact on Food Imports

Storage, Demurrage, Per Diem & Detention

Importers are often justifiably confused by charges resulting from various clearance delays. The terms “storage”, “demurrage”, “detention”, and “per diem” are often used interchangeably, but when used correctly, they each
refer to charges incurred under specific circumstances.


LA-Long Beach First Quarter TEU Volumes Strong

Container volumes in the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex declined in March compared to March 2012,
as expected, because of an 18 percent drop in imports following the Chinese New Year celebrations in Asia.

However, the nation’s largest port complex had a strong first quarter, with total container volumes, including loaded imports, loaded exports and empty containers, increasing 5 percent over the first three months of 2012.

Supply Chain Interests Address Disaster Planning
Alan M. Field | Apr 23, 2013

When Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in April 2010, airline flights across the Atlantic were disrupted
for days, and global supply chains for fruits, fresh flowers and other products were interrupted severely. When
an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown hit northern Japan in a year later, automakers and electronics manufacturers in Asia and North America lamented that some key suppliers couldn’t comply with their delivery dates, forcing slowdowns in production and frustrating buyers.



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