February 2013       


GOAL’s Newest South American Partner

Segaduanca, of Venezuela

Global Ocean Agency Lines would like to announce its newest partner, Segaduanca, of Venezuela. Segaduanca has a history of reliability and success.  Voted in 2011 as “The Best Latina American Region Partner,” this company offers safe and secure handling of both FCL and LCL cargo in and out of Venezuela. more...

C J International Inc certificated as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization

Congratulations to C J International Inc for its national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization - DC, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).  more...


United States Harmonizes its Threshold Value for Low Value Commercial Shipments with Canada

Washington— The United States Government announced that it is delivering on a key commitment under the U.S.-Canada Beyond the Border Action Plan through the publication of a final rule in the Federal Register titled “Informal Entry Limit and Removal of a Formal Entry Requirement.” The rule increases and harmonizes the value thresholds for expedited customs clearance to $2,500. This change would harmonize the value threshold for both countries, from the current levels of $2,000 in the United States and $1,600 in Canada. more...

CBP, HSI Announce Fiscal Year 2012 Intellectual Property Rights Seizure Statistics

CBP, Taiwan AEO Agree to Cargo Security Program Standards

Human Heads At O'Hare: Customs Officials Find Shipment Of 18 Severed Heads With Skin Still On

CBP Flower Inspections – 2012 Valentine's Season

CBP processed approximately 842.2 million cut flower stems during the 2012 Valentine’s season from Jan. 1 to Feb. 14, compared to 802.5 million stems processed during the 2011 season -- an increase of 4.9% percent. Most of the cut flower shipments are imported from South America, primarily Colombia, with 536.1 million stems or 67 percent, followed by Ecuador with 194 million stems or 23 percent. more...

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

Good Luck, Good Health, Good Cheer.

Wishing our friends and partners around the world a very happy lunar new year.  The year of the snake begins Sunday, February 10th 2013.  While the new year celebration officially starts February 10th different ports and parts of Asia will be closed varying dates.


Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday

Feb.09~15 in China

Feb.11~13 in Hong Kong

Feb.09~17 in Taiwan


Trade Fact Sheet

Anyone new to International Trade quickly learns there is a whole new vocabulary to be learned as well as the many abbreviations and acronyms. This month’s Trade Fact Sheet is a list of commonly used industry acronyms which we hope you will find as a useful resource. more...

Export FAQ

Why should I control my export shipment?


Top 10 Reasons to Control Your Freight and
ship Ex-Work


Indian Logistics Demand Expected to Boom

Despite slowing economic growth India’s logistics industry will expand rapidly over the next four years, according to the latest report from Ken Research.

The company said the sector would achieve a compound annual growth rate of more than 15 percent over 2012 to 2016 as logistics infrastructure is boosted by new freight corridors, logistics hubs and warehouses. more...

Steamship Lines No Longer Supplying Chassis for Local Delivery

Since 2012, carriers have increasingly abandoned the service of providing the chassis free of charge for local truckers to use when picking up ocean containers at the terminals. As such, truckers either need to rent or provide their own chassis for local drayage. These charges are passed on to the consignee and increase the landed cost for imported goods. Click here for a list of carriers by port indicating the terminal for which they no longer support a pool of chassis for local delivery. We hope this is helpful in pricing your imported merchandise arriving by container. If you are not sure it these charges apply to your shipments, contact our Logistics Division for an updated transportation quote.

Update on Transportation Rates - January 2013


The New Year is here and the steamship lines continue to look for higher rates.

With Chinese New Year upon us, many carriers have implemented a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) in anticipation of the volume prior to the holiday shutdown.  Currently the announced PSS is expected to expire on February 17, 2013.

Most steamship lines have announced implementation of the following PSS amounts:

Shipments to/via USWC and Vancouver:

USD 220 / 20'     USD 275 / 40'     USD 275 / 40'HQ     USD 350 / 45'

Shipments to/via USEC:

USD 180 / 20'     USD 225 / 40'     USD 225 / 40'HQ     USD 285 / 45'

As well, most steamship lines have implemented a General Rate Increase (GRI) that took effect on January 15th.

The GRI amounts vary by carrier as listed below:

Shipments to/via USWC:

USD 180 – 640 / 20'     USD 224 - 800 / 40'     USD 224 – 900/ 40’HQ     USD 284 - 1012 / 45' 

Shipments to/via USEC:

USD 260 - 640 / 20'     USD 295 - 800 / 40'     USD 295 - 900 / 40'HQ     USD 373 - 1012 / 45'



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